The perfect addition to your home, compliment your house with a Hallmark Decking.

As can be seen from the Gallery of photographs a Hallmark Garden Decking is the perfect way to expand and enhance your usable living space.

We offer:- Fensys Excel and Eco 100% polymer deckboards. This deckboard has an advanced engineering grade thermoplastic cap layer giving exceptional weatherability and slip resistance. The Eco board has a greener element and the Excel board has a more natural appearance.

Natural Plastic Composite Deckboard manufactured using 60% wood 40% polymer mix. This double-sided deckboard has a traditional lined face and a wood grain patterned side. This material offers greater resistance to rotting and is more non-slip resistant than wood whilst retaining a natural appearance that will age and fade gracefully, but needs no preservative treatment, staining or coasting.

Millboard. A premium product that combines the natural beauty of real timber with the high performance of unique wood free material

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