Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Caravan & Garden Decking. 

• What is decking made from?

Traditionally, decking was constructed with timber boards, advancements in technology and materials allow Hallmark Sundecks to offer a wide selection of styles, designs & colours of uPVC, PVC, and Composite decking boards.

Our products include our Premium EXCEL Polymer Board, Premium ECO Polymer Board, Composite Decking Board & Millboard, which come in many different colours, thicknesses & finishes.

Using this high-quality material ensures a long-lasting decking that has improved weather resistance and, as always, comes with our 12-month installation guarantee & a 10-year materials warranty.

We can install decking on a caravan or holiday home, garden decks, and commercial decking. We work throughout Lincolnshire & Yorkshire. 

• What is composite decking made of?

Composite decking contains wood fibres, plastics, and bonding agents. Hallmark Sundecks in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire use composite decking manufactured using a 60% wood and 40% polymer mix; this double-sided deck board has a traditional lined face and a wood grain patterned side.

• Does decking add value to a caravan?

Adding decking to your caravan is a great way to increase or maintain its value. The value of the static caravan depends on many factors, such as its age, make and model.

If you’re selling your static caravan to a private buyer or to the holiday park it’s located, the value of the decking is factored into the sale price.

If you’re selling to a caravan trader, the value of the decking is irrelevant, as the decking cannot be moved.

• Can decking hold a hot tub?

Yes – our high-performance composite decking installations can hold a hot tub. We can design recessed decking for your hot tub, allowing you to make the most of your investment. The closer the hot tub is to your house, the more likely you will use it, as it will be highly convenient.

Hot tubs, when full, are extremely heavy, but our team can build a structure within your decking to ensure that a hot tub will sit perfectly on your decking.

Whether you’re looking to have a hot tub sat on top of the decking or you wish to have it sunken in to make it aesthetically pleasing and easy to get in and out of, Hallmark Sundecks can help!

• Will decking sink on grass?

Our decking has been designed to be safe and secure.

If you’re installing decking on a caravan or holiday home then you may not have the option to not fit the decking directly over concrete depending on your pitch location or park your static caravan is located.

Any professional decking company will ensure that a new decking is safe and secure whether it’s installed on grass or concrete.

When undertaking an initial inspection for a caravan decking quote our team will note the requirements and whether it is to be installed over grass. The decking will then be structured correctly to ensure even distribution of weight and we will always ensure that a decking installed by us has the correct foundations in place for a long-lasting decking.  

• Can decking be installed on concrete?

Decking can be laid over the top of any material as long as you’re able to get safe and secure fixings to anchor your decking framing.

If you’re having a caravan decking installed typically this will be over the top of a hard-standing caravan plot/pitch where the decking will be designed to sit perfectly on the pitch.

With a garden decking or a commercial deck, a frame is built for the decking to sit upon ensuring that the decking is always level. If you’re having a garden deck installed we advise landscaping a flat surface so our team can install a decking efficiently.

If you’re thinking of having a garden decking installed and want to find out more information about the process and how we can help you, please get in touch with us and our team will be more than happy to help.

• Does decking rot?

Over time wooden or timber decking will slowly start to degrade and rot. Unfortunately, this is a natural feature of wooden decking, even when correctly maintained and looked after.

Unlike wood, uPVC, PVC or composite decking are resistant to rot and do not splinter or crack when exposed to moisture.

• Does decking warp?

Decking warps due to the temperature of the decking surface changing, called thermal expansion.  

Composite decking has been manufactured to be different than other decking materials and heat doesn’t make the surface of the decking expand & contract as much as traditional materials. When a plastic wood decking becomes hot it will start to become flexible which can lead to warping.

• Can composite decking warp?

Yes, incorrectly installed composite deckings can warp.

If your decking is touching a fixed surface it can begin to expand correctly. This could be if it’s too close to your caravan or home or the gaps between the decking boards aren’t sufficient enough to allow show expansions during thermal expansion.

At Hallmark Sundeck we have a 12-month installation guarantee as well as a 10 year materials warranty (T & C’s apply)

• Can I install decking myself?

Of course, but we don’t advise it.

Installing a decking yourself has many failings for someone without the relevant experience. Although cheaper than using a company to install it, we often find the long-term cost is far more expensive due to the required maintenance & repairs from incorrect installation.

If you want to have decking installed but are conscious about your budget, we offer bespoke decking finance.

• Do I need permission for a caravan decking

Different types of permission may be required to install decking on your static caravan, depending on its location.

If your caravan is on a holiday park, you usually would require the permission of the park to install a caravan decking. The park may also have an authorised decking installer you are required to use to install the decking.

There may also be guidelines or restrictions about the type of decking you’re allowed to use on your park.

If your static caravan isn’t located on a holiday park and you’re interested in having a caravan decking installed, don’t hesitate to contact us; our team will discuss any local planning requirements.

• When does decking need planning permission?

When adding a deck to your home, or commercial property garden, it is important to check for any planning restrictions. Many structures in the UK fall under ‘permitted development’, meaning they are permitted without Planning Permission. However, they will need to conform to the following rules:

1-The decking is no more than 30cm (1ft) off the ground

2-The decking (along with all other extensions, outhouses & garden buildings) take up no more than 50% of the available garden area

• Why does decking have grooves?

The grooves are a structural feature to improve the longevity of a deck. The proper way to install a decking board is ridge side down. The ridges are designed to allow for airflow, to stop moisture sitting in the ridge, and allow for a stronger structure. This leads to a less slippery deck as the moisture can drain better, and it can air dry.

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