Hallmark sundecks Stairway to heaven.

Did you know here at Hallmarks Sundecks Ltd we don’t just design and install decking, we will give anything a try.

We recently had an enquiry to design, manufacture and install a stairway leading from the back of a garden all the way up to the beach at the back of property in Chapel St. Leonards.

What a brilliant idea. This is what we came up with. To ensure the stairway is able to maintain structural integrity over a good number of years we used tantalised timber sub-frame, PVC deck boards with wood effect PVC handrails and as you can see the result looks amazing.

What better way to start your day by going into your back garden up the stairway to watch the sunrise while listening to the lovely waves come crashing in.

It was nice for our fitters to do something a little out of the ordinary.

Here is a view of the finished steps. Fitting these was a nice change of pace for our fitting team. It was especially challenging work on the slope and in the sand. First the whole area needed to be cleard by the customer. The entire hill was covered in blambles and weeds. Then our fitters set about digging out the old concrete from a previous set of steps. They also had a bees nest to work around but thankfully, no one got stung.

It was quite a challenge to set the posts in the ground as it was mostly sand and very little soil. We set the posts in the ground at over 1m depth to ensure they would be solid.

As you can see the stairway is made up of many component. Posts, step frames, rails, deck boards and finally the main frame of the steps. Our fitters worked diligently for four days to complete the stairway and we are very happy with the result. Below is a photo looking down the steps as well as the finished steps.

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